Certified Organic – Modesto Milling – Crumble – Chicken Food (for layers) #5097 – 25 lbs

Use: Layer pellets are formulated to be a complete feed, but are also useful as part of a pasture-based diet. Layer pellets can be fed starting at 15-18 weeks of age. Organic feed is also a critical component of organic egg production.

Ingredients: Organic corn, organic soybean meal, organic peas, limestone, organic wheat, organic stabilized rice bran, organic sun-dried alfalfa, organic flaxseed, Redmond conditioner (clay), organic kelp meal, monocalcium phosphate, diatomaceous earth, Zeolite, Redmond salt, DL Methionine, poultry vitamin & mineral premix, organic garlic granules, organic horseradish powder, organic star anise oil, organic juniper berry oil

Guaranteed analysis: Crude protein min 17%, crude fat 2.7%, crude fiber max 4.5%, ash max 15.4%


Modesto Milling Chicken Crumble Layer
Modesto Milling Chicken Crumble Layer