About Us


Tropic Island Bird Christmas Week Store Hours
We are open:
12/ 22 Tuesday 11am to 3pm
12/23 Wednesday 11am to 3pm
12/24 Thursday 11am to 3pm
12/25 Friday – Closed
12/26 Saturday 11am to 3pm
12/27 Sunday 11am to 3pm
Please Call us at (619) 447-4171 for further info and inquiries regarding availability of any various Bird you may be interested in.

Our Store, which formally opened on February 10, 2014 is a temporary home to more than meets the eye. In fact, we frequently carry over 20 different species of birds alone as well as the largest selection of cages in San Diego County.

Here at Tropic Island Bird and Supply there will be a whole bevy of loving animals waiting to meet you and your family!

It takes love, work and dedication to care for these gorgeous and special winged wonders, but these birds will make every day a joy for you and your family!

We are temporarily showing Birds and selling bird supplies on weekends only during the Coronavirus pandemic so call us at 619-447-4171 for information on, and/or to buy any of our Birds or products.

We are also closed on Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Years Day.

Shipping of Birds is available to almost anywhere Delta Cargo or Alaska Air flies.   Shipping is paid by the Buyer (cost of airfare, new kennel, cups, perch is usually around $250 total for a medium parrot if flying on  Delta and more on Alaska Air)  and a Health Certificate is available for an extra $150., should you require or desire one.

In addition, We recently  compared many of our products, toys, supplies, food, perches, and more to online prices for the exact same items and we discovered that we beat most Ebay and Amazon sellers on prices charged. (when including the cost of shipping and frequently without even including cost of shipping) – So don’t waste time online, come into Tropic Island Bird and Supply to see our hundreds of low cost procucts.!