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We Beat Amazon and Ebay On Most Toys and Supplies when you calculate shipping!

We compared many of our products, toys, supplies, food, perches, and more to online prices for the exact same items and we discovered that we beat  most Ebay and Amazon sellers on the prices charged.  (when including the cost of shipping) – So don’t waste time online, come into Tropic Island Bird and Supply to see  our hundreds of low cost procucts.!

Shipping Policy:  We only ship large Parrots, Macaws and Cockatoos and our shipping policy is the following: $250 extra for shipping, which includes airline flight to any non-stop destination in the USA serviced by either Delta or United Airlines, and includes a new travel kennel/crate plus new stainless steel food and water cups.

Note: We only ship when it is 50 degrees Fahrenheit at the destination city



We carry Volkman Seed, A and E Java wood toys, Happy Beak (made in US)  , Feather Smart and more.